Anatomic Pillow Urbane


Brand Tynor
Company Tynor
Location Jaipur
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Tynor Lumbo-Back Rest Urbane is a portable back support, which maintains the lumbar spine in its neutral position and cradles the back to provide a pleasant sitting experience. It can transform any normal chair, car seat to provide optimum support to the lumbar region. Ideal for long sitting users, in office or travel.
Made out of high quality memory foam, with excellent viscoelastic properties making it auto-conform to body contour, embracing the body softly.
The anatomic shape supports the profile of lumbar back, maintaining the natural curvature of the spine on one hand and the lateral support on the other. It is covered with a plush fabric for comfortable user experience. Elasticized holding straps help in customizing the positioning of the backrest to most seats.
  • Discomfort and fatigue during long hours of sitting or traveling
  • Pain and stress due to poor posture
How to use:
Place the "Lumbo-Back Rest Urbane" against the seat, Hold it firmly by the help of holding straps. Sit, with your lower back resting against the product, so that the lumbar spinal curves match with curvature of the "Lumbo-Back Rest Urbane".

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