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How BISI World Works

At BISI, buyers and sellers are registrered via GST No. & Drug License No. 

BISI would contain multiple filters such that the hospitals/doctors/dealers get verified lead to the complete detailed specification of the product and the supplier. We would be working on two models of getting a verified lead

1. Instant Lead Model:

When the buyer searches for specific products with applied set of filters, one can directly select the lead for given product and connect with the suppliers

2. Request for quote model:

Due to speculative nature ,quantity and location of purchase,prices may vary, therefore there can be cost cutting for procurement. Hence, in this Model as buyer puts the request for quote of a list of products. The requirement list is sent to all registered supppliers with the product listing similar to that of the requirement.

The registered suppliers respond to BISI within 12 hours , BISI compares the rates and sends best of 3 rates to the buyer. Now the buyer can choose to select any supplier and purchase the lead.

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