Walker Boot


Brand Tynor
Company Tynor
Location Jaipur
product details


  • Size:Medium Please see alternate images above for sizing and additional description information.
  • If you are in between sizes or on the cusp of a size, always order the smaller size. Weight capacity of the boots is 250lbs
  • Brace Direct brings you the best in class fracture boot at direct pricing.
  • The boot is made out of a polymer material making it extremely durable for long periods of wear.
  • The medical grade velcro straps make it easy to put on and take off when bathing and sleeping.
  • With the light weight, low-profile rocker design you will walk more naturally. The interior cushioned material leaves your toe area open allowing for breathability and comfort.
  • Controlled ankle movement support. Indications: Acute Ankle Sprains Soft Tissue Injuries Foot and Ankle Fractures Bunions Post-Operative Procedures

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