Heartrail® Ii ‐ Ptca Guiding Catheter


Brand Gc‐F6Bl300N
Company Gc‐F6Jl350N
Location Jaipur
product details

  • Heartrail™ II Guiding Catheter - Terumo Europe
  • Heartrail II is developed to maximize your back-up force when using right and left Ikari ... right radial artery; 
  • Tiger curves are designed to be used for both right and left coronary arteries ...
  • Provides the back-up support of a 7 Fr guiding catheter with a 6 Fr system; Minimizes ...
  • Radifocus® Introducer II Radiopaque Marker Kit C.
  • The predicate device is the Teruino Heartrail"' III Guiding Catheter cleared under. K092372. ...
  • The HeartrailPm III Guiding Catheter (5Fr.) is operated manually or by a manual process. ... 
  • TIGER-MODIFIED! ... device-related adverse events) (21 CFR 803); good manufacturing practice requirements as set.

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