Compression Garment Leg Mid Thigh Open Toe (Pair)


Brand Tynor
Company Tynor
Location Jaipur
product details

  • Compression Stockings provide controlled compression to the legs to squeeze abnormal back flow of blood towards the heart.
  • They provide requisite pressure to the superficial affected veins.
  • Anatomically tapered Four way stretch Freely breathable Strong and durable Salient feature Made from soft nylon yarn and spandex Strong and durable Dermophillic Optimal compression Excellent aesthetics Excellent Color fastness Four-way stretchability Offers optimal compression Snug fitting Double layered Retains body heat effectively.
  • Provides therapeutic warmth Quicker healing Strong and durable Tapered shape and Controlled compression Uniform compression even on uneven limb surface.
  • Offers graded compression high to low from toe upwards Effective blood evacuation Open toe design Reduces wear and tear Easy to wear Compatible to toe rings or other jewelry items

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