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Iabp Balloon (Data Scop)


Brand Maquet
Company Maquet
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The Maquet Datascope CS300 IABP with IntelliSense combines fiber-optic speed with automatic in vivo calibration. The result is faster time to therapy, faster signal acquisition, and faster adaptation to rate and rhythm changes. Maquet has the only fiber-optic IABP and catheter system that automatically calibrates in the patient after insertion and automatically recalibrates in vivo every two hours or sooner should patient or environmental conditions change.

  • Faster inflation and deflation speed

  • CS300 has true one-button start-up

  • Automatically calibrates the fiber-optic pressure sensor in the patient and recalibrates every 2 hours or sooner should patient or environmental conditions change

  • Automatically evaluates and selects the best lead and trigger source

  • Automatically sets optimal timing

  • Automatically adjusts to changes in patient conditions without clinician intervention

  • A Maquet fiber-optic IAB catheter

  • Conventional fluid-filled IAB catheters


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