"Arterial Line Filter (With connections1/4 Inlet & Outlet)" Ezee Filter


Brand Kosdrug
Company Kosdrug
Location Jaipur
product details


  • The Arterial filter combines easy handling, effective elimination of Gas EMBOLi, FAT EMBOLi and Aggregates composed of Platelets, Red Blood Cells and other debris.
  • Filter based on completely new construction principle increases the efficiency and brings maximum safety to the patient.
  • Filtration membrane 40 micron. Priming Volume 165 ml. Maximum Flow 7 L/min. E.T.O. Sterile & Pyrogen Free.
  • Ease of Prime
  • The clear housing provides total visibility
  • All potting and support mesh have been eliminated to ensure ease of prime
  • Reduced horizontal surfaces minimize bubble hang-up
  • Upward and inward sloped surfaces promote air elimination
  • Effective Air Handling
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics design offers optimum air handling
  • Large frontal area provides ideal blood flow characteristics
  • Effective Filtration

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