Eflexx F14 Advaced Power Wheelchair


Brand Karma
Company karma
product details

Features of Karma eFlexx F14 Foldable Power Wheelchair

Foldable Push Handles:
- Allow minimal effort in folding and pushing the wheelchair.
- makes eFlexx look sleek and streamline.
Swing-away Controller System:
- Easier to approach the desktop.
- The new safety feature prevents hands and fingers from pinching accidents.
Angle Adjustable Backrest (-4°/0°/4°/8°/12°/16°):
- Easy to operate angle adjustment from -4° to 16°, giving users a more comfortable experience and flexible choices.
Lightweight & Removable Battery:
- Battery installation can be easily done in just one simple step.
- Allows to charge anywhere and anytime.
Benefit of Lithium battery :
- Ecological friendly, highly efficient and long lasting.
- The battery weight (3.9 kg) is only 1/6 the weight of the traditional lead-acid batteries.


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