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Blood Tubing Set Pump (Pack Of 50)


Brand Nipro
Company Nipro
product details

Nipro Blood Tubing Sets for Hemodialysis; designed specifically to connect patients with an external system that extracts blood of the patient to the dialyzer and reverts the patient's blood from the dialyzer.

Consists of 2 parts: Arterial and Venous line which are used during dialysis with attached fistula and dialyzer. 
Assuring Compatibility with Most Types of Hemodialysis Machines Specifications

● Bloodline Tube : Medical grade PVC tube (TOTM is available)

● Injection Site : Large finger guard

● Drip Chamber : Available various diameter sizes

● Clamp : Clamps to secure blocking performance

● Recirculation Connector : The simplicity and safety for priming operation

● Remarks : Can be customized with all orders.

● Sterilization : ETO / Steam / Gamma


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