Polyvol Burette Set 150ml - (Latex Free), LL, Y Site (Pack of 10)


Brand Polymed
Company Polymed
Location Jaipur
product details

- The Polymed Polyvol Pro Latex Free Burette Set is a transparent, soft, cylindrical and calibrated measured volume chamber with bold marking scale

- It features bacteria retentive air inlet and an injection port for intermittent medication

- It is designed latex-free for leakage-free multiple injections

- It has a micro dropper of 60 drops per ml

- The set also has an automatic shut off valve which prevents air trapping in the fluid line once the measured volume chamber is empty, and it also indicates the level of liquid

- The burette set comes with a 15 μm fluid filter to reduce particulate matter

- It has a soft and kink resistant PVC tubing with a tube length of 150 cm

- The inner diameter of the tube is 3.0 mm and the outer diameter of the tube is 4.1 mm

- The set is available in the capacities of 110 ml and 150 ml


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