Guiding Catheter


Brand Cordis
Company Cordis
Location Jaipur
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  • Our Guiding Catheter Portfolio is comprised of the ADROIT® Guiding Catheter and the VISTA BRITE TIP® Guiding Catheter, and intended for the intravascular introduction of interventional/diagnostic devices into the coronary or peripheral vascular systems.
  • PRODUCT FEATURESFlat wire braided middle layer offers outstanding flexibility and excellent kink resistance.
  • 1:1 torque for easy operation and accurate placement.
  • Robust secondary curve provides great backup support and curve retention.
  • Soft and flexible tip minimize the damage to the vessel wall.
  • PTFE internal wall provides smooth lumen to ensure the excellent trackability.
  • Large lumen guarantees the good performance for kissing balloon.
  • ORDERING INFORMATIONNote: More CE and OEM distal shapes are available.
  • Please contact us for detailed information in your region.

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