Tempo Catheter


Brand Cordis
Company Cordis
Location Jaipur
product details

  • ordis TEMPO™ AQUA Hydrophilic-Coated Diagnostic Catheter
  • The TEMPO™ AQUA Catheter makes endovascular procedures quick and easy. It combines the Cordis TEMPO™ Angiographic Catheter characteristics with a durable hydrophilic coating that provides easy advancement into the vasculature and subintimal space.
  • A durable hydrophilic coating provides easy advancement into the vasculatur and subintimal space
  • Coating is bonded to catheter for continued lubricity during entire procedure
  • Durable bonding minimizes potential disengagement of coating particles during procedure
  • The longer soft atraumatic tip lessens the risk of vessel damage
  • Distal half of the catheter is coated for high lubricity, proximal part is uncoated for secure handling
  • Braiding allows more flexibility without compromising kink resistance, providing 1:1 torque
  • Thin-wall technology guarantees a large inner diameter and provides high flow rates at low injection force

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