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Polyseal - 2000ml Y Connector (Pack of 1)


Brand Polymed
Company Polymed
product details

 The Polymed Polyseal Under Water Seal Drainage Bottle is suitable for pleural drainage in conjunction with chest drainage catheters in cardiothoracic procedures

- The Polyseal adult is a double chamber compact unit having the capacity of 2000 ml

- The Polyseal Midi is a single chamber compact unit having the capacity of 1200 ml

- The Polyseal Kid is a single chamber compact unit having a capacity of 500 ml

- The bottle has clearly marked initial water level to ensure underwater seal

- The bottle is graduated to determine the amount of collection

- The underwater seal drainage bottle has written on the facility on the side of the scale which helps in monitoring of drain volume

- It has a kink-resistant large bore tubing facilities unrestricted flow

- The bottle comes with Metallic hangers for easy attachment with bed and floor stand for easy standalone working

- The separate suction port is provided to connect with suction unit


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