Ankle Support (Neoprene)


Brand Tynor
Company Tynor
Location Jaipur
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  • Tynor J-12 Ankle Support Neoprene Universal is designed to give support, compression and controlled immobilization to weak or injured ankle. The stabilizing splint, supports the ankle where it is most needed, to prevent an ankle injury.
  • it can be used in high impact, sporting activities or by individuals where repetitive ankle injuries are common. It also helps to control swelling, odema or sprains and rollovers of the ankle. It can be used as Post operative and Post cast Care.Made out of three layered Neoprene bonded fabric, with a four way stretch, which ensures a snug fit and comfort of high degree. Anatomical, high tech design ensures perfect fitting.
  • Semirigid PE splint immobilizes and supports the ankle where it most needed. The splinting action controls sprains and inversion and aversion rollovers. Anti slip silicon bands prevents slippage. Wrap around wearing design ensures easy application & removal..Use it under strict guidance of a qualified doctor.Discontinue use and seek guidance of a qualified doctor, in case of Impaired sensation ,Impaired blood flow, Pain increases or persists
  • . Misuse or improper use of the device can lead to adverse effects and decreased effectiveness. Keep it out of reach of Children . Some Washcare Instructions are Do not Iron ,wring and dry clean the product , Hand wash with mild detergent and Water below 30°C and Dry in Shade on a Flat Surface . Available in Universal Size which fits all.

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