Thumb Spica Splint


Brand Tynor
Company Tynor
Location Jaipur
product details


  • A thumb spica splint is worn to provide support and decrease the movement to comfort and stabilize an injury in the thumb.
  • The good part is that you can easily move other parts of your hand freely, such as other fingers without any restriction.
  • It is perfect for you if you are dealing with a thumb injury such as a sprain, ligament instability, muscle strain, scaphoid fracture or if you have recently got a cast removed. Full hand and finger movement is possible.
  • Reduces pain and inflammation. Customized seizure of thumb is possible. For thumb injuries only. To support the CMC joint and immobilize the MCP joint of thumb without affecting hand movement. Product Dimensions : 7.7 x 0.6 x 4.3 inches

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