Nocent Qunttro (Four Lumen CVC) 8 Fr 16cm (Pack of 10)


Brand Polymed
Company Polymed
Location Jaipur
product details

- The Trace Four Lumen Central Venous Catheter Kit is designed to use in clinical emergency rescue, intensive care drug administration during medical treatment and surgery, blood infusion, parenteral nutrition and monitor of central venous pressure with blood pressure transducer

- The CVC kit has a proprietary designed connector which makes the connector smooth and firm, effectively preventing infection, leakage, and shedding

- These are available in the length of 16 cm

- Kit Contains:

- 1 Central Venous Catheter

- 1 Introducer Needle - 18G

- 1 Blue Introducer Syringe

- 1/2/3 Injection Site Cap

- 1 Extension Line Clamps

- 1 Scalpel with Plastic Handle

- 1 Guidewire

- 1 Syringe with Needle

- 1 Tissue Dilator

- 1 Fastener


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