Suction Catheters (Pack 50)


Brand Polymed
Company Polymed
Location Jaipur
product details

- The Polymed Poly Suction Yankaur Suction Set is suitable for pre-operative removal of secretion and body fluids

- The cut to fit funnel connector is provided to suit different suction pump lines at proximal end

- It is also available with Kapkon and Conical connector at proximal end

- It is also provided with standard funnel connector at distal end of tubing to connect Yankaur Handle

- Yankur Handle is open end with 4 lateral eyes to withstand negative pressure and ensures continuous and easy suction of fluid

- The Yankaur Handle is available in standard tip

- The set is backed with a soft and kink resistant ribbed PVC tubing with a tube length of 250 cm

- It is available in the size of 14 FG (Orange)

- The inner diameter of the catheter is 1.7 mm and the outer diameter of the catheter is 2.1 mm


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