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Samson Foot Walker (Boot) With Airway.

Samson Foot Walker Boot is designed for rehabilitation after injury, fracture, sprains or surgery of foot, ankle or lower leg. The boots provide support to the ankle and leg without inhibiting mobility. They can be a substitute for cast or can be used in case of early cast removal. With a wider rocker bottom, these boots promote a natural gait, reduced plantar pressure, enhanced stability and comfort to the lower leg.


- Wider Rocker Bottom promotes natural gait, reduces planter pressure and enhances stability. Broad, Strong foot casing provides full protection and rigid immobilization to ankle & foot. It stabilizes the foot, ankle and the lower leg.

- Strong & Rigid upright bars improve immobilization of the lower leg & the ankle.

- Highly functional molded design is light in weight for better compliance. It ensures early ambulation of the patient with ankle fractures / injuries. Bilateral symmetry allows it to be used for either foot.

- Foam liner and Pad set provides good cushioning, reduces pressure of gripping straps & better grip.

- It is substitute for cast or can be used for early cast removal. Easy removal and application of the product allows good hygiene and maintenance of the area.

- Strapping loops with reverse buckle mechanism allow controlled tightening, enhanced immobilization and grip, is easy to wear.

*Please Note: Always consult your physician before using this product for specific health conditions.

Quality Assurance: Our premium Foot Walker Boots are made from the highest quality material. Orthopaedic Grade.



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