About Us

BISI World is an AI integrated Medical Devices Trade Place that centralizes the Medical Devices Industry at one platform with a varied product range from trusted and innovative brands categorized into multiple departments and locations for:

• Significant Cost Savings

• Seamless Procurement

• Supply Chain Optimization

• Notify about international innovations

We are devoted to organizing a complete product range by engaging different manufacturers, importers, and dealers, also simplify the process of buying and selling as we ship the products to eliminate territorial hindrances.

Our Team


The two flints who make trading easier and cost-effective at BISI World are-


Aman Kala – Director- Sales & Marketing


An experienced manufacturer and authorized dealer in the medical industry for 1.5 decades now, Aman has dealt with both private and public sector hospitals with the highest OPDs across Asia.

This cognizant being has a vast knowledge about markets, procurement channels of various stakeholders, business behavior of MNCs, and a varied product range from different departments and categories. Moreover, he has built a well-organized network of recognized companies along with their distributors across nations.


Anjali Randhella – Director- Strategy and Management


Belonging to industrial engineering and management background, Anjali proves herself a wonder woman when we know her through her accomplishments. She has expertise in corporate sales & strategy as a Business Analyst at MuSigma, Bangalore, and has handled medical clients from Fortune 500 companies using statistical techniques.

With her understanding of market dynamics, she uses strategic thinking, experimentations & the art of problem-solving, from idea conceptualization to scaling up as she standardizes each. 

Why Us?


BISI World breaks the tedious loop of connecting with dealers, making and re-making networks, ineffectual web searches, multiple calls, and eventually delayed surgeries and high costs.

We provide a wide product range from recognized brands with multiple suggestions for the same products, categories, and other information on one platform making it as simple as online shopping. Moreover, we support existing distributors and provide them an opportunity to deal with comfort.

 Assured Quality

Cost-Time Effective

No Location Barriers




Dear BISI International Team, We have received your first consignment of material at Mumbai and are delighted by the quality of the product. You also deserve a round of applause for abiding by the timelines committed.Keep up the good work! Looking forward to more such engagements in future.


BISI International is a good vendor who understands customer ask , and at the same time discussion term are very clear . Wishing you all the best

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Blood Disposables

Blood disposables | Consumables | Blood disposables | Blood disposables |

Medical Containers

Formalin Chamber | CIDEX INSTRUMENT |


Dialyser | Syringe Pump |




Head Support | Heating Pad for back | Maternity Belt | Surgical Tape | Foot Support | Electric Warm Bag | Hand Supporter | Cervical Collar | Zip-up Socks | OA Knee Braces | Static Cockup Splint | Support Belt | Gel Orthopedic | Gel Exerciser Ball | Crepe Bandage |

COVID-19 Products

surgical Gloves | N-95 Mask | Oxygen Generator | Sanitizer | 3 PLY Surgical Mask | Thermometer | Nebulizer | Sanitizer | Sanitizer | Pulse Oximeter | Oxygen Concentrator | Oxygen Concentrator | HAND SANITIZER | BP MONITOR | MASK | Hand Sanitizer | BLOOD PRESSURE MONIT | Pulse Oximeter | Pulse Oxymeter | Tynor Belt | N-95 Mask | Gloves | Oxygen Concentrator | OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR | ECG MACHINE | INFANTOMETER | STRECHER | DEVICES ANDEQUIPMENT | OXYGEN CONCENTRATION | OXYGEN CONCENTRATION | PULSE OXIMETER | eCAPTURE | Consumables | Devices & Equipments | Anesthesia Machine | Hand Sanitizer | Defibrillator Machine | BIPAP Machine | CPAP Machine | ECG Machine | Thermometer | Face Shield | Waste | Gloves | Patient Monitor | Nebulizer | Ventilator | Oxygen Cylinder | Oxygen Concentrator | Pulse Oximeter | High-Flow Nasal Cannula | Antigen Test Kit | RT PCR Test Kits | Infrared Thermometer | PPE KIT |


X ray View Box |



Oxygen Mask | Disposable bain circ | Consumable |

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